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Paul Bell Music 2011



When I’m not sat at my computer, I can often be found with a guitar in my hand, so I have a website for that side of what I do. The previous version (see the portfolio item here) had served me well for a long time but it was time for something new.

Content management is handled by Perch which works great. This time I made use of the new “Apps” available for Perch, including the events app, blog app (which powers the “news” section). There’s a bit of mod_rewrite cleverness going on to give events and news items nice URLs.

I used a few other services to make the site do all the things I needed. For music, I use the excellent Bandcamp for selling downloads, and for the built in player on the site.

The blog is powered by Posterous which makes it super easy to post to by email, on the move, or through the website. The Perch blog app could have served here as well, but I wanted to make it easy to blog while out and about.

Markup-wise, the basis was Andy Clarke’s 320 and up which helps with the media queries needed to make the layout adapt to the size of the screen/browser window. You’ll see that the site looks different (but equally lovely) as you resize your window. On mobile devices, the layout is much simpler, but the content is still available. This is a really great way to build sites, and it’s the approach I hope to take from now on.

Feel free to go and visit the site and check out the music!


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