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It’s always busy in the Boiler Room. Here are some of the things that occupy my time.

  • Web site design – Your presence on the web is important. I build websites which look good and work well.
  • Web development – I make websites using hand-coded, semantic, standards-compliant xHTML, CSS, Javascript, with accessibility and search engine optimisation in mind. I code in PHP for server side applications. I’ve worked as part of a team to produce large scale web applications
  • Content Management – Making a site easier to update, manage and extend using a variety of content management systems. I can help you keep your site fresh, and cut down on ongoing maintenance costs. Expression Engine and Textpattern are a couple of my favourites, but I’m always happy to learn a new one!
  • Ecommerce – Want to sell to the world? Then you need to be online. Ecommerce sites need to be easy to use – if something goes wrong, your competitors are only a click away. I’d love to help you to help your customers.
  • HTML Email – Delivering rich HTML content straight to your customers inbox can be a powerful way of communicating. I know how to do it right.

Though I’m mostly a website kinda guy, here are a couple of my other services:

  • Brand development – It’s important how you come across. A good logo does more than look good, it says something about who you are. I enjoy the process of finding out about you, and then crystalising it in an image on the screen or the page.
  • Print design – Business cards, Letterheads, Banner stands. I can help you stand out from the crowd and be remembered.


Paul Bell
Boiler Room Digital
Work 35 Abbey Road
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mobile +44 (0)7739 839 532